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Hind: 18.-€

1. Supporting Skype, MSN, net2phone, Stanaphone, SJphone, X-Lite, X-PRO, Firefly, Xten, eyebeam, ICQPhone, Yahoo Call Center, etalk, AIM Phone, Baoshitong etc many many software; 2. Supporting SIP, H.323, MGCP, IAX2, net2phone etc lot of protocol; 3. USB 2.0 port; 4. 16 bit sound card inside, the PC can without Sound Card; 5. Support product serial write in; 6. With HID (Human Interface Device) Feature; 7. Plug & Play to Install USB Driver; 8. No driver needed for Win98 SE/Win ME/ Win 2000/Win XP/ Mac OS/Mac OS X; 9. With PID (Physical Interface Device) Feature; 10. Implement “Real-Time” verification; 11. Compatible with Major PC’s Internet Phone Application Software; 12. Provides Ringer Generation for PC to PC Call Through Existing IP phone Applications; 13. Optional ITSP Application Software With Credit for PC to Phone Connection; 14. ALED to indicate Power and Linking Status; 15. Adjustable volume for handset; 16. Support E.164 dialing rule; 17. Record support; 18. The powered via the USB port with not need for a power adaptor;

Tootja koduleht: http://www.kinoway.com/productslist.asp?id=21&cat=USB+phone

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